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Apartment complex exterior on a spring day FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS…MANAGE THEIR OWN APARTMENTS! Friendless (smart folks) shouldn’t do so, either! I feel that using an independent third party is the only way. “Managing the Manager” is the unsexy, often overlooked way to maximize profits from operating multifamily assets. One of the long-time challenges of Multifamily Property Management... Read More »

  Trust makes all the difference TRUST: Choosing the right Commercial Real Estate Broker to help you buy, sell, invest, or lease properties requires more than selecting someone who understands the market. Our clients believe in us–so much so–that one repeat customer bought over $4,000,000 of commercial property without looking at it in person…relying solely on Rose City CRE’s... Read More »

I’ll return to my series “The Case for using a Buyers Agent” shortly, but the attached article was just to good to pass up.  Hats off to author Ken Holman for his succinct statement regarding the benefits of investing in real estate that supports my mantra: real estate is the superior investment opportunity. Ken is the President of  The National Association of Real Estate Investment... Read More »

I prefer to buy at the bottom of the market…how about you? The time to buy apartment investment property is now…its a refrain that I’ve been offering for several months.  But there is a difference…now it makes sense for stock holders to move their equity into multifamily.  Rose City Commercial Real Estate can show you how to invest your IRA…and not create a taxable event! ... Read More »

This article is from CoStar…one of the top names for real estate data research.  Yet another example of why the Portland multifamily market is expected to do well! By Mark Heschmeyer June 22, 2011 What better time than the summer solstice to shine a light on current market conditions. CRE firms and organizations released a broad array of mid-year market overviews and viewpoints this past week... Read More »