For many, the best way out of the problems caused by the COVID-19 Recession is to create their own job by embracing their entrepreneurial spirit. We were stunned to find out just how affordable user/owner real estate is right now. The SBA (Small Business Administration) 504 Loan option allows businesses to put only 10% down..preserving precious capital for labor, wares, utilities, etc.

Conventional Loan Advantage:
Buying a $1,200,000 building with conventional financing would require a 20% downpayment ($240,000) with the balance being financed with 4.5% interest on the balance, amortized over 25 years. Monthly payments for principal and interest would be $5,336/month. Advantage: Fantastic affordability due to low-interest rates.

SBA 504 Loan Advantage:
Doing the same deal with a 504 SBA Loan would require a 10% downpayment ($120,000) with 50% of the purchase price being financed by a conventional lender at 4.5% interest, and 40% of the total being an SBA Loan at 2.6% interest. The combined principal and interest would be $5,513/month. Advantage: for only an additional $177/month…this option would cut the downpayment in half.  That $120,000 downpayment reduction will be welcome as our business grows and we need our cash reserves.

A Picture is Worth…
To demonstrate the above example, I’ve included a graphic provided by Eric Bergeson, Vice President of Key Bank. He is a Senior SBA Specialist, and a great resource for financing owner/user real estate…and more. He’s available at (503)353-2126.

SBA Graphic-Key Bank

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