Earth Day Special: The Future of Green Multifamily Construction

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Happy Earth Day!

We believe in the future, that the techniques refined by Miranda Homes will be  employed in the construction of the bulk of America’s new multifamily projects.  If you can provide a better eco-friendly product at a competitive price, the choice is pretty easy.  Eco-investors are sensitive to their impact on the evironment, but they watch their returns, too.  But what if the time to build could be shortened by 15 to 30% as well?  That lowers costs…not to mention lowering risks for the lenders and equity partners.

The Miranda Green Method (MGM)  is slated for use on a technology demonstrator project of 43 units on Portland, Oregon’s Eastside.   As the framing is steel recycled from used cars,

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much less dimensional lumber is used.  It’s not only greener…it also means that spikes in lumber products pricing won’t hit the project. We’re forecasting a significant short term increase in the costs of conventional building materials (particularly wood products) due to the massive scope of the Japanese recovery effort.   This could make the building of conventional apartments less economically feasible…further exacerbating the supply of vacant multifamily units in highly constrained markets like Portland.

The decision to use the Miranda Green Method for construction can be for:

  • The sake of the environment
  • To lower construction time
  • Reduce construction costs
  • To produce an asset that will out last conventional construction

…and the best part is the investors don’t have choose a single motivation.

-Happy Earth Day…Rick Bean.

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