Equity Advantage for Excellence in 1031 Exchanges

Equity Advantage is celebrating 30 years of 1031 Exchange excellence this year.  David and Tom Moore were exchange pioneers back in the days when 1031 Exchanges weren’t particularly well known…and the IRS had only recently codified the current process. We recommend different banks on acquisitions based on the lending institutions’ strengths….but we always recommend Equity Advantage.  It’s critical that the Commercial Broker identify properties that meet the investor’s criteria, but that’s a beginning, not the end. Depending on the deal, the role played by the inspector, lawyer, CPA, environmental testing contractor, and other resources can have increased (or diminished) importance…but the 1031 Exchange Accommodator is always critical.

One of the errors investors make is assuming Exchange Accomodation is a commodity. That’s simply incorrect.-Rick M. Bean

One of our investors told us that choosing RCCRE was one of the best decisions they had made. We worked hard for them…but part of the success they were so pleased about was the way Equity Advantage structured their 1031 Exchange. The client was able to further reduce the impact of taxes and pay off hundreds of thousands of long-term debts. Even sophisticated investors who have completed dozens of 1031 Exchanges aren’t aware of some of the ways Equity Advantage employs to lower tax impacts and increase profitability.

We believe that Equity Advantage is the advantage 1031 Exchange investors need and deserve.

PRO TIP: Visit https://www.1031exchange.com/1031-exchange-resources/  for information. classes, resources, how to set up a self-directed IRA, and more.

RECOMMENDATION DISCLOSURE: Rose City Commercial Real Estate recommends “best in their field” professionals, including Equity Advantage, but does not solicit, nor accept rewards of any kind. We express our opinions solely for the benefit of existing and potential future clients.

MORE: If you desire assistance with commercial real estate opportunities…or you just want information on which investment resources we recommend, contact us at (503)577-1034, or sales@rosecitycre.com.

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