Free Training: “How To Deal With Difficult People”

Grace Hill, Multifamily, Education,apartment, rick bean, rose city commercial real estateThe two times when profitablity managing a property is important are when you want to keep, it and when you want to sell it.  Property managers need training to perform at their best.  This opportunity for FREE training should not be missed.  Grace Hill Property Management Training does a great job…here’s a no cost way to give them a try:
Dealing with Difficult People
PRESENTED BY: Jackie Ramstedt, Deb Bronson & Terri Norvell
COST: is sponsoring this event…there will be no cost to you. Thanks!

DATE/TIME: Friday, May15, 2009 – 1pm PT

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Can you remember the last time you had to deal with difficult people or an event where someone was negative?  Never fear!  Our positive panelists will chat about what you can do in the future to get through these tough situations with harmony and grace.


RSVP: Visit Gracehill Taining at: and look for the details of this event on their home page. Click the RSVP link to sign up and receive Chat Event Instructions.  Then, log into Grace Hill about 10 minutes prior to the event and click on the Chat Room link, under the chat description, to be delivered to their Chat Room. 

* Please note that space is limited to 350 attendees in our chat room.  Be sure to log-in to the chat room 10 – 15 minutes prior to the event.  

What else is free?  Call contact me at 503.577.1034 or for an equity redeployment assessment.

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