I owe Point Source Solutions, LLC a shoutout for the great work they recently completed for a Rose City Commercial Real Estate client. Hats off to Andy Klopfenstein, Jeff Jackman and the crew for a job well done. First some background.

I thought this listing was going to be the best deal I had ever worked on. Dream client…great to work with. In demand food production building. We mounted an aggressive,  multichannel marketing campaign and were under contract in a week at full price with a list of buyers with backup offers. Great buyer with solid credit, great Buyer Broker, happy lender…nothing could possibly go wrong! To paraphrase Johnny Carson: “Not so, contamination breath!”

While performing the Phase I (written questionaire) Report it was disclosed the property had been a gas station decades ago. That disclosure led to Phase II testing…we brought in Point Source Solutions. While drilling they discovered small amounts of hydrocarbon contaminates. That led to drilling for Delineation Studies 1, 2, and 3. Each time Oregon DEQ asked for a new scope of work to assess the situation PSS responded quickly with a new scope of work, bids and completed testing on an expedited basis. Last week their efforts resulted in the Oregon-DEQ issuing an NFA (No-Further-Action) letter for the project. The whole process took about a year. Without the coordination and focused efforts of Point Source Solutions we would still be testing.

Rose City Commercial Real Estate maintains a list of valued resources for our customers. I’ve added Point Source Solutions for evironmental challenges…because using them really made a difference.

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