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Equity Advantage is celebrating 30 years of 1031 Exchange excellence this year.  David and Tom Moore were exchange pioneers back in the days when 1031 Exchanges weren’t particularly well known…and the IRS had only recently codified the current process. We recommend different banks on acquisitions based on the lending institutions’ strengths….but we always recommend Equity Advantage.  It’s critical that the Commercial Broker identify properties that meet the investor’s criteria, but that’s a beginning, not the end. Depending on... Read More »


For many, the best way out of the problems caused by the COVID-19 Recession is to create their own job by embracing their entrepreneurial spirit. We were stunned to find out just how affordable user/owner real estate is right now. The SBA (Small Business Administration) 504 Loan option allows businesses to put only 10% down..preserving precious capital for labor, wares, utilities, etc. Conventional Loan Advantage: Buying a $1,200,000 building with conventional financing would require a 20% downpayment ($240,000) with the balance being financed with 4.5% interest on the... Read More »

Apartment complex exterior on a spring day FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS…MANAGE THEIR OWN APARTMENTS! Friendless (smart folks) shouldn’t do so, either! I feel that using an independent third party is the only way. “Managing the Manager” is the unsexy, often overlooked way to maximize profits from operating multifamily assets. One of the long-time challenges of Multifamily Property Management is that Property Management companies are almost always paid on Gross Income. It takes considerably more time, effort and tenaciousness to keep a property rented a full market. ... Read More »

Brand new apartment building available for sale. Improvement! Rose City Commercial Real Estate is pleased to report that the Portland multifamily market is experiencing a significant increase in the availability of good multifamily properties for sale.  Just a year ago some of our multifamily Sellers elected high quality STNL (Single Tenant Net Lease) assets for their 1031 Exchange second legs…because there simply were no good multifamily assets available.  Rose City Commercial Real Estate’s marketing was focused exclusively on finding “off-market-but... Read More »

We are proud to announce that recently licensed Patrick J. Finney has placed his Real Estate license with Rose City Commercial Real Estate (RCCRE). Patrick has a 25 year record of success in Marketing and Sales Management experience for Tektronix, Fairchild and other high tech manufacturers. He will work on marketing exclusively. SUCCESS: When I tell you that working part-time he generated leads that turned into $17.3 Million of closed business for Rose City Commercial Real Estate…you’ll understand why we’re delighted to have him aboard! FOCUS: Multifamily... Read More »