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Apartment complex exterior on a spring day FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS…MANAGE THEIR OWN APARTMENTS! Friendless (smart folks) shouldn’t do so, either! I feel that using an independent third party is the only way. “Managing the Manager” is the unsexy, often overlooked way to maximize profits from operating multifamily assets. One of the long-time challenges of Multifamily Property Management is that Property Management companies are almost always paid on Gross Income. It takes considerably more time, effort and tenaciousness to keep a property rented a full market. ... Read More »

Brand new apartment building available for sale. Improvement! Rose City Commercial Real Estate is pleased to report that the Portland multifamily market is experiencing a significant increase in the availability of good multifamily properties for sale.  Just a year ago some of our multifamily Sellers elected high quality STNL (Single Tenant Net Lease) assets for their 1031 Exchange second legs…because there simply were no good multifamily assets available.  Rose City Commercial Real Estate’s marketing was focused exclusively on finding “off-market-but... Read More »

We are proud to announce that recently licensed Patrick J. Finney has placed his Real Estate license with Rose City Commercial Real Estate (RCCRE). Patrick has a 25 year record of success in Marketing and Sales Management experience for Tektronix, Fairchild and other high tech manufacturers. He will work on marketing exclusively. SUCCESS: When I tell you that working part-time he generated leads that turned into $17.3 Million of closed business for Rose City Commercial Real Estate…you’ll understand why we’re delighted to have him aboard! FOCUS: Multifamily... Read More »

  Trust makes all the difference TRUST: Choosing the right Commercial Real Estate Broker to help you buy, sell, invest, or lease properties requires more than selecting someone who understands the market. Our clients believe in us–so much so–that one repeat customer bought over $4,000,000 of commercial property without looking at it in person…relying solely on Rose City CRE’s evaluation.  This followed an interview to determine risk tolerance, time frames, closing dates of the first leg of their 1031 Exchange, degree of involvement desired,... Read More »

This is “Rick’s Tips” with Rick Bean, Principle Broker at Rose City Commercial Real Estate, rosecitycre.com. This episode we’ll learn how different investors can put a value on commercial real estate when buying, selling, or leasing a property. Why would an investor be thinking about valuing commercial real estate? Investors will look at valuing properties primarily if they’re selling or buying properties, and the reason they want to look at the valuation is to see if they’re getting a good deal, a deal of a lifetime, or if the price is way too high. And one... Read More »