Grace Hill’s training creates professionals!

Grace Hill TrainingGrace Hill does it again! 

One of the challenges of multifamily management is creating knowledgeable and professional employees.  Each month Grace Hill offers free training as a partial solution to the problem.  They also offer additional training on a variety of multifamily topics at affordable prices.  This month Kate Good & Jennifer Stamp will be presenting information on marketing, advertising and promotions.  I feel that apartment owners should change their “I can’t afford training” refrain to: “I can’t afford not to train!”  Why would anyone let someone be in charge of a multimillion dollar asset and deny them the resources to perform their job with excellence?

DATE/TIME: Wednesday, 6/17/09 @ 4pm ET, 3pm CT, 2pm MT, 1pm PT

SESSION DESCRIPTION: No need to rack your brain over advertising and promotions any longer.  Sign up for this exceptional chat experience and let these marketing gurus lead the way to unique and original campaigns that will certainly bring customers running through your doors.  Flex your marketing muscles and RSVP now!

COST: and Video Rental Services have made this chat available to you at no cost.  Thanks for your sponsorship!

RSVP: Visit them at and look for the details of this event on their home page.  Click the RSVP link to sign up and receive Chat Event Instructions.  Then, log into Grace Hill about 10 minutes prior to the event and click on the Chat Room link, under the chat description, to be delivered to the Chat Room.  

*Please note that space is limited to 350 attendees in our chat room.  Be sure to login to the chat room 10–15 minutes prior to the event.

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