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After the shock of reading his 401-K statement subsided…this investor switched to an Equity Advantage self directed IRA!

It’s great to see the market trending upward again…well, at least for now.  Though I am not prescient, I am lucky…so I pulled all of my 401-k funds out days before the plunge.  A few months later and I would have seen over a third…and possibly half of my savings gone.  Many of my dear friends were not so lucky.  One is un-retiring.  I know that many people rely on the stock market in general (and mutual funds specifically) to make long term gains.  For my sensibilities…I’d rather own real estate than stock in a company that owns real estate.

It used to be that the stock market was the only game in town for 401-k’s, IRA’s, and Roth Plans.

Now, with the Direct Checkbook Controlled IRA you can move in and out of investments with ease, including my favorite: real estate.   This is huge.  It permits investors to play a far more direct and active role in their financial destiny.  You need to use specialists to set up the account and to recieve some background on the requirements, rights and risks.   When you’re playing pennies and nickles poker and the jackpot hits $5, it’s OK to play fast and loose.  When its your retirement at stake, lower your risks and always go with the pros. 

Enter IRA Advantage

IRA Advantage, is the new sister company of the highly regarded 1031 Exchange Accomodator, Equity Advantage.  IRA-A  sets up accounts that help investors reach their goals through direct checkbook control investment IRA’s.  Investments are made through an LLC.  I’ll describe the process in greater depth in a post next week.  If you can’t wait…call IRA Advantage now:  503.619.0223, and say the folks at Rose City Commercial Real Estate sent you!

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