A truly client centric broker delivers greater value and earns loyalty…and that’s how I run my business:

  • Offering more than just “services for commissions.”
  • Assisting clients with developing their risk profile, and investing accordingly.
  • Evaluating their portfolio, seeing if they have adequate equity build-up to warrant re-investment.
  • Helping them assess their property manager, property tax rates and insurance costs.
  • Performing Cost Segregation Feasibility Studies on both held and newly acquired assets.
  • Actively seeking to lower costs to boost NOI…directly increasing asset values.
  • Assisting with Due Diligence.
  • Providing a knowledge base of lenders with the best rates and terms for the specific needs of the client.

I have included links to properties we have available on this site…but most of our space is devoted to assisting visitors in staying current with market conditions…not selling.  That’s why we’ve added a word of the day, a spot to review real estate and investment books and more.

Feel Free to finish your Holiday shopping from home by using my direct link to Amazon.com.

We hope you enjoy our blog and invite you to return to review our daily updates.


Rick M Bean

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