What Does Outback Steakhouse have to do with Real Estate?

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Outback is a perfect example of a business that is a huge success because of its focus on value and customers. From top to bottom Outback does a better job of listening to their customers and providing a great meal at competitive prices.

They were one of the first to offer a usable curbside service that had specially designed containers to ensure your meal gets home steaming hot. Their to go system is particularly efficient, and they offer all the condiments and extras that their competitors scrimp on. They open the door and smile broadly when you enter, and again when you leave.

Did I mention that they listen to their customers? Outback is coming out with a new menu next week that offers a whole new range of tasty, value priced dishes. This is in response to feedback they received from their clientele wanting additional lower priced options. Their signature steaks will still be around, and their patented “Bloomin Onion” will still be satisfying hearty appetites…but because they listened, they will also offer some lower priced items.


While I salute the customer centric focus of Outback in general, their 9500 SE 82nd Portland, OR restaurant takes customer care and service from science to art. I don’t mean good service, I mean great service. The kind of legendary service that John Sheridan (The Sultan)of Jakes Famous Crawfish gave. I used to have clients call me from Dallas, TX to tell me they were coming to town and wanted me to check when John was working so they could see him again. He’s that good…and so is the team that Outback proprietor Adam Mayer has assembled at his SE 82nd restaurant. Food just tastes better when it’s delivered by someone who serves up a smile as well as a great cup of chowder. (By the way…their chowder is better than Jakes and on a par with Salty’s.) The last time my wife and I went there we had eaten a late lunch…so we split a sandwich. Our waiter Mike brought it out on two separate plates…he even split our meal in the kitchen and put a garnish on each one. At most restaurants they would snarl when you made the split request, then we would have had to wait for the server to come back to ask for an extra plate. But that’s not the way it works at the SE 82nd Outback…where its: “No rules…just right!”

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