Investment Real Estate: Multifamily Market is Like the Good Old Days

Anyone who reads my blog assumes that I have a bias for multifamily investment real estate.  I just think they’re the safest niche of commercial real estate…so to assume that would be correct.  But my greatest bias is toward taking considered ACTION.  So many investors miss the best part of the market by aiming, aiming and aiming some more before pulling the trigger.

My Dad taught me a valuable lesson when I was a youngster.  He asked me if I had mowed the lawn as asked.  I replied: “No…but I’m thinking about it.”  He said:  “Well now…thinking about something is a step, but not a very big one.  And now we’re talking about it…an even further step, but still not very big.  To sink a long putt you have to take your time, read the green and envision your success.  But at some point you have to actually strike the ball.  Planning improves success, but without action planning is useless.”  I went out and mowed the lawn right away.   I’d like to tell you that I learned the lesson my father offered me immediately, but like many 14 year old kids it took the message a few weeks to sink in.  Of course, now the message is clear: ” Words and thoughts take a back seat to action.”

“The best time to make an offer on a building is while the firemen are  still moping up.  After its rebuilt the price will go way up.  The multifamily market has taken some hits over the past few years…but I feel now is a good to start a portfolio…or to expand one with investment real estate. Take action now…call Rick Bean at 503.577.1034 or email me at

Years ago a bright and energetic fellow as running around Eugene with a waffle iron in his trunk trying to get folks interested in a new type of shoe that was designed for running.  The waffle pattern was purported to offer superior traction and performance.  Someone I love and admire was made the same offer given to so many around town:  “Give me $20,000 and I’ll sell you 10% of my new shoe company.”  Today that slice of Nike is worth considerably more than the original offering price.  Many thought about it, few acted.

Investment Real Estate No Regrets


My question to those that are thinking, talking, and considering investing in apartments is this:  “Will your story 10 years from now be that you thought about investing in multifamily?”  To paraphrase my father’s wisdom: “You are in no danger of making a profit on the good investments you don’t make.”

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