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Off market properties can be a source of profits.

Off Market deals solve a lot of problems for Portland, OR multifamily investors. Many Rose City Commercial Real Estate (RCCRE) customers have confided that they would love to sell their current assets. Fear of not being able to find a second leg property for their 1031 Exchange keeps them from making a move.  RCCRE has a group that focuses resources solely on multifamily assets that are not publicly... Read More »

Rick's Picks Recommended Reading

Rent forecasting for Portland multifamily investments shows promising returns for investors. Multifamily apartment rent growth has placed Portland Oregon in the third highest position in the US. We also are taking a look at value of number crunching with an article focused on rent rolls and another with a focus on books and records. HFO’s News Blog for Multifamily Apartment Investors (MPF: Portland’s... Read More »

A friend recently asked me if I thought they should get into the stock market. I told them that the lowest point for the stock market in the last 10 years was 7,062.93 in Feb. 2009…a month after the new administration took office. Since then it has run, scrambled and raced as high as 18,312.39 set on May 19, 2015. STOCKS: Getting into the market now is a little like asking someone who has just... Read More »

Rick's Picks Recommended Reading

From one of the nation’s lowest vacancy rate to spiraling rents, the Portland multifamily real estate scene is in a frenzy. We’ll help keep you up-to-date on all the trends and latest information: here our multifamily experts have put together a quick read of four articles. With the Portland multifamily market as hot as it is, the rising prices and scarce availability has given rise to more than... Read More »

I’ll return to my series “The Case for using a Buyers Agent” shortly, but the attached article was just to good to pass up.  Hats off to author Ken Holman for his succinct statement regarding the benefits of investing in real estate that supports my mantra: real estate is the superior investment opportunity. Ken is the President of  The National Association of Real Estate Investment... Read More »