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Rent forecasting for Portland multifamily investments shows promising returns for investors. Multifamily apartment rent growth has placed Portland Oregon in the third highest position in the US. We also are taking a look at value of number crunching with an article focused on rent rolls and another with a focus on books and records.

HFO’s News Blog for Multifamily Apartment Investors (MPF: Portland’s May Rent Growth Third Highest in US at 12.6%)

More good news comes from MPF research who found Portland’s rent growth at 3rd position in the US. A sign of good investment opportunity comes from a total rent growth standing at 12.6%. When comparing the numbers with other markets, look to Portland multifamily investments to add to your portfolio.

MPF reports that in Portland rents for new residents are up 17.6 percent and renewals are up 7.4 percent, the third highest in the country, putting total rent growth at 12.6 percent. – Greg Frick, HOF News Blog

HFO’s News Blog for Multifamily Apartment Investors | Apartment Building Owners

Rent Roll Analytics: Purpose of the Rent Roll

While growth is an important sign for any multifamily investor, crunching numbers will tell you an investments worth. This article from multifamily insight discusses the rent roll analytics and its purpose in determining fair rental rates. It’s also an important tool to be used when deciding on investments in multifamily units.

As they say in baseball, catch the ball, hit the ball and throw the ball. A great hitter hits the ball 30% to 40% of the time. When making decisions on placing millions of dollars of equity into millions of dollars of hard assets you must have a perfect record when validating income. Anything less is a financial disaster. – John Wilhoit, Multifamily Insight

Rent Roll Analytics: Purpose of the Rent Roll

The Importance of Due Diligence in Multifamily Profits – Phase II: Books and Records

Estimating the value of a multifamily property will help you decide on your next investment, but once that investment has been made, you’ll want to ensure it stays profitable. Keeping accurate books and records is talked about here, with examples explaining how Rick has lowered his client’s investment costs from others keeping bad records.

Books & Records evaluations tends to be low or no cost. As such I always complete them to the point at which I know it makes sense to proceed further before I do the Physical Inspection. Physical Inspections almost always cost more money. – Rick Bean, Rose City Commercial Real Estate

The Importance of Due Diligence in Multifamily Profits – Phase II: Books and Records
Portland multifamily investments show a steady increase in rent. It’s never been a better time to get in. Get a professional investment real estate broker that works out the best deal for you. Call us today at 503-577-1034.

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