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Clients like Brandon Cannady of Venture Business Centers, Inc. come to me for commercial real estate solutions. Sure its location, location, location. But its also getting the best price, terms and avoiding some of the bumps in the road that are part of real estate.

We’re proud to have negotiated VBC, Inc.’s first office lease, the 3rd floor of Portland’s 620 building. We also negotiated on their behalf for their second location–The Union Bank Building on Washington St. in Portland. Superstar entrepreneur Brandon came to us looking to find the perfect deal for his inventive working spaces where he offers the finest solutions for his clients. Brandon newest location showcases his personalized office space solutions.


We really like what Brandon is doing to change the personalized office space market. Throwing all the amenities into one affordable price has really made him stand out. If you have ever looked for personalized office space with his competitors to meet all your requirements, you know there is no such thing as “everything’s included”.

Venture-Capitial-Business-Centers-Inc-Brendon-CannadyHis competition seems to “nickel and dime” you to death for every requirement. When you decide to work with Venture Business Centers, Inc. however, you get phones, high-speed data, printing…everything you need included with your space…at no extra cost.
Did we mention free coffee and beer?

Finding the perfect solution for your office needs couldn’t be easier. Venture Business Centers, Inc. has made his luxury office spaces affordable for any level of need, and that’s why his clients love working with him. I’m giving odds that one day we’ll see him cited by The Portland Business Journal as one of PDX’s “Forty Under Forty”.

So whether you’re a solo business person, or your team needs the perfect office solution, get in contact with Brandon Cannady, owner of Venture Business Centers, Inc. Take a look at his smart office solutions on his website: venturebusinesscenters.com and see exactly why entrepreneurs and small businesses are choosing Venture Business Centers, Inc. for their all-inclusive office solutions. Or call them at: 503.444.2450.

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