Heaven for Multifamily in 2011, Closer to Earth in 2012



It is a bullish sentiment that gathered steam through 2010. With few projects initiated in 2009, there will be a shortage in the supply of rental apartments this year. Combined with a stabilizing economy, continuing uncertainty in single-family home prices, and echo boomers boosting demand, it will be heaven for multifamily in 2011.

Expect rents to grow at rates unseen since the early 1990s, when the sector experienced a similar pullback in construction. However, will these good times be sustainable? Or will heaven crash back down to earth as soon as 2012?

There is compelling evidence that effective rents will indeed post strong growth in 2011. Despite moribund economic growth in 2010, apartment vacancies fell sharply, ending the year at 6.6% after starting from a record-high base of 8%. Concessions that included subsidies for utilities and broker commissions as well as months of free rent were withdrawn swiftly.

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National effective rents grew by 2.3% in 2010, a healthy rebound given the record 2.9% decline in 2009. And this was when about 94,000 apartment units came on line and jobs were growing at a disappointing rate.

A rising tide …

Inventory growth will contract significantly in 2011. Reis projections add up to only about 51,000 units coming on line in 79 major metro markets. This is less than half of the

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