Saluting Excellence In Short Sales

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The future of the residential market is not clear in my crystal ball…but it takes no wizardry to assess the current situation:  There’s a lot of good people hurting right now.  A few of the folks that are upside down have taken foolish risks, but there are many more that  may even have a legacy of success, of winning and good luck…but whose joss just ran out.  Whether they got there for good reasons or bad, the many who are down on their luck are easy prey for charlatans and thieves.   There are real and effective solutions ranging from working out a loan accommodation, to creating a short sale.  In a short sale a homeowner’s bank permits the house to go for less than is owed.  This can result in a much, smaller credit rating hit than bankruptcy or just walking away from the home.  But it needs to be handled by a pro.

Enter Donna

Folks that have had a rough go of it deserve to be helped by someone that is not only compassionate, competent, and trustworthy, but by someone who will be their passionate advocate.  My friend Donna exemplifies these traits.  This specialty is well outside of the capabilities of most homeowners…it also exceeds the training and expertise of most real estate agents.  Donna’s Accomodation success percentage is 4 times higher than the average.  (Her win/win percentage is 100%.)

Perhaps most telling about her character, Donna was the CEO and teamleader of a branch of the third largest real estate brokerage in the US.  She left that position to be of service to those in need.

Who can you help?

  1. Friends, family and acquaintances who need an accommodation workout to save their credit.
  2. Someone who needs a short sale expert to evaluate options.
  3. Those desiring a rapid turnaround on selling their home.
  4. First time homebuyers and investors looking for value priced homes.

Be kind to those you care about and forward this information.  If I was in need…I’d want Donna fighting for my family’s future.  Wouldn’t you?

Take action today:  503.577.1034 or:


3 Responses to “Saluting Excellence In Short Sales”
  1. mssbee says:

    What a great article!

  2. D. Lindahl says:

    I want both you and Donna to work for us. I’ll give you three to think about and then I’ll call.

  3. Sue says:

    We need more people like Donna to help us through these rough times.

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