Green Investments Will Make You Money and More Socially Responsible

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Everyone is jumping on the green bandwagon, and corporate America is leading the way. Even the blackest companies — the ones with the worst environmental records and practices — are looking for ways to paint themselves green. That’s where the money is, after all, as green investing is attracting more green (dollars) than ever before.

True green investments are those that put money into companies that

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are truly helping the environment. It’s not only the negatives that count here, though those are important: no pollution, no toxic waste dumping, no resource gluttony. True green companies actively strive to make the environment better than it was before.

Investing is an area in which you will benefit significantly from using your intelligence. Investors often cite a gut feeling, and that feeling is usually based on something they know but either consciously or unconsciously don’t want to divulge. Emotions alone should not guide your investments, but a message from your gut is always worth listening to.

It’s not enough for a company to simply limit negative environmental and social practices. Social investors notice and move their money to companies that make conscious efforts to improve their performance. Mainstream investors want to do good in the world and for their portfolios, and corporate leaders are learning how to coordinate socially responsible practices with long-term profits. More and more, corporations that pair social and environmental responsibility with good stock value are attracting more long-term investors. Indexes and actively managed mutual funds — as well as several ETFs — track these kinds of stocks, as well. And both municipalities and green corporations may issue bonds to raise money for environmentally sound projects.

While money is the bottom line in any investment, green investors emphasize the importance of supporting their personal values in the process. As you educate yourself about green investing, you’ll find plenty of options you can choose from that will support your values and put money in your pocket, from mutual funds to individual corporations to community projects. This will also help you make decisions as a consumer as well as an investor.


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