Green Investments

An article by Christina Williams of Sustainable Business Oregon celebrates Portland being ranked 2nd in the annual Green Guide. Portland held on to it’s second-place ranking in Site Selection annual report on green metro areas. Site Selection magazine released its annual Green Guide Tuesday and the Portland The City of Roses continues to get more accolades on a National basis.  The latest... Read More »

Note: Michele Cagan, who wrote this article is also the author of a series of recommended investment books.  Please click on the link to see Amazon’s offerings of her titles! Everyone is jumping on the green bandwagon, and corporate America is leading the way. Even the blackest companies — the ones with the worst environmental records and practices — are looking for ways to paint themselves... Read More »

Rose City Commercial Real Estate celebrates green as a way of doing business, a way of living our everyday lives.  Still in it’s infancy, eco-business needs nurturing and encouragement.  That’s why I’m attending the Portland Business Journal’s Innovation in Sustainability Awards Luncheon.  Join me in acknowledging and celebrating green organizations that are reinventing the... Read More »

Advantages of a green apartment from: Apartment Wiz  Green building is a term that has been used more frequently as of recent years, but what is the advantage of living in a green building?According to the EPA, buildings in the United States are responsible for: 39% of total energy use 12% of water consumption 68% of total electricity consumption 38% of total carbon dioxide emissions Green residential... Read More »

Green is good for everyone.  Due to their size, multifamily properties have an opportunity to make a difference.  Even though Apartment Managers have plenty on their plates already, adding environmental awareness is good business. Kim Duty, Vice President of Communications for Multifamily Housing Report has a green tip for us: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has launched a multifamily... Read More »