T-Bills: Guaranteed Returns? I met with a potential client recently that wanted a guaranteed return 100% sheltered from State and Federal Taxes. I told him that in commercial real estate we create proformas reflecting current operations, and projections with potential results, but there are no guarantees. He was disappointed that I couldn’t duplicate the guaranteed return he was getting on... Read More »

Scott Phinney

W Scott Phinney and I, co-founders of Prime Property Tax Negotiation will be the featured speakers at the next Oregon/SW Washington CCIMLuncheon November 2nd, 2011 at the MAC from noon to 1:15 PM. Following the passage of Measure 5, Oregon State transferred its property tax appeals from the Dept. of Revenue to The Courts.  A whole new system had to be created including rules, laws, procedures... Read More »

Rose City Commercial Real Estate celebrates green as a way of doing business, a way of living our everyday lives.  Still in it’s infancy, eco-business needs nurturing and encouragement.  That’s why I’m attending the Portland Business Journal’s Innovation in Sustainability Awards Luncheon.  Join me in acknowledging and celebrating green organizations that are reinventing the... Read More »

Announcing PDX Lightrail Resources 503.577.1034 or

Light rail service expanding to Milwaukie Many of you know that a $1.5B  expansion is underway to extend the current lightrail system from Portland to Milwaukie.  You may not be aware that only 11% of the total funds are slated to compensate landowners for their losses. 61 businesses and 12 residences will be forced to relocate.  In all the government will be taking all or part of 129 parcels. ... Read More »

Making a difference It is my opinion that Grace Hill Training has many competitors, but no peers.  They offer both free and affordable courses on every aspect of profitable multifamily asset management.    Bare in mind that every dollar of concession reduced without losing a tenant drops straight to the bottom line as profit.  The same is true every dollar of extra revenue generated.  Every... Read More »