Demystifying Oregon Property Tax Appeals at CCIM Luncheon

Scott PhinneyW Scott Phinney and I, co-founders of Prime Property Tax Negotiation will be the featured speakers at the next Oregon/SW Washington CCIMLuncheon November 2nd, 2011 at the MAC from noon to 1:15 PM.

Following the passage of Measure 5, Oregon State transferred its property tax appeals from the Dept. of Revenue to The Courts.  A whole new system had to be created including rules, laws, procedures and the appeal process itself.  The Chief Hearings Officer for the State of Oregon, Scott Phinney, was one of the co-creators of the Magistrate Court and much of the current property tax appeal system.  Since then Mr. Phinney has spent 2 decades in private practice expanding his sphere of excellence to include property tax appeals in Oregon, Washington and California.  He has worked on successful property tax appeals on single assets and multi-billion dollar portfolios for a “Who’s Who of Big Business”:

Mr. Phinney’s talk will cover the broad strokes of the Oregon Property Tax Appeals system; I will use CCIM type techniques to quantify the potential short and long term values of appeals.  We’ll also show how real estate and accounting pros can promote appeals as a client development tactic.  We will also dispel misconceptions and bust myths about Oregon Property Tax appeals:

  • “It’s not possible to win a property tax appeal in Oregon” (Wrong.)
  • “You have to get the Market Value down to the Assessed Value to earn a compression refund.”  (Wrong.)
  • “You just can’t win apartment appeals.” (Wrong.)
  • “There is no system to appeal personal property assessments. (Wrong.)
  • “I have to pay lots of money upfront to appeal my property taxes. (Wrong.)

Time permitting Scott will also talk about the most frequently overlooked property tax break that is missed by over 80% of the qualifying projects.  In one case Scott found overpayments of $506,000 on a single project.

Please contact Rick M. Bean at 503.577.1034 or for pricing and details.

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