The Multifamily Industry’s Best Training Comes From Grace Hill

Next week I’ll be testifying as an expert witness in a property tax appeal case for an 120+ unit multifamily asset in Salem, OR.  Part of my research is to interview the on-site property manager.  I was very impressed with how well she knew her area, the asset she managed, historical vacancy rates, concession rates…she was a pro.  Some people have an innate talent for property management and she is clearly one of them.  Others may need some top notch training to fulfill their potential.  I am an unabashed fan of Grace Hill Training for multifamily pros.  They offer low and no cost programs that your management staff will benefit from.  Multifamily management is not easy.  One asset owner I talked to thought training was over rated.  I responded:  “You’ve got a highly motivated  person willing to put in long hours on your behalf to help you optimize the profits on a $10 million dollar asset.  Give them tools so they have them the greatest chance to create positive outcomes on your behalf.”

The next GracHill Offering has that FREE pricepoint that value conscious owners like:

GRACE HILL & MproTV PRESENT LET’S TALK TRAINING – In their second episode of Let’s Talk Training, you’ll discover new and innovative ways to keep your maintenance teams trained and motivated by using new methods of learning.  They will discuss challenges and benefits of several methods:

  • Online training
  • Hands on training
  • On the job training
  • Training facilities
  • Videos/podcasts
  • Outsourcing

If you are an owner, trainer or supervisor, join them on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at 2:00 PM ET for Maintenance Team Training and MotivationClick here to reserve your spot now.  Let’s Talk Training is always free of charge, so it will fit nicely into your training budget!

When you think of top notch multifamily training, think of Grace Hill.  To optimize your multifamily portfolio contact Rick Bean of Rose City Commercial Real Estate at: 503.577.1034 or

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