When to Make Multifamily Investments

Making a multifamily real estate investment is one of the best investment opportunities around in a recession. The obvious metaphor for Recession is Winter.  In winter the days are shorter and there are few opportunities for growth.  As bad as this latest Recession was in Portland, for Phoenix and Las Vegas it was like a Nuclear Winter. LENDERS During a recession risk adverse banks shut down lines... Read More »

Timing the market is as important as getting a good deal.  The Portland multifamily market is full of investment opportunities that create perfect situation to enter or reposition equity.  This installment, the 4th in my When to make multifamily investments, covers the climate for new investments during the Hypersupply phase. The Hypersupply cycle in investing is like Fall.  In Fall trees slow their... Read More »

Expansion in the multifamily market is creating an excellent real estate investment opportunity. I liken the Expansion phase of the investment cycle to an analog in Nature: Summer.  If Recovery (Spring) is characterized by the creation of potential, Expansion is all about unleashing that.  A market that is in Expansion mode has a palpable energy: hiring is at the highest pace of any point in the... Read More »

Over the last few months I’ve been telling folks that if they wanted to be a genius in 5 years they should take advantage of smart real estate investment opportunities now.  My other refrain is that they were in no danger of profiting from multifamily investments until they take action.  The focus of this article is the fundamental question: “When should I invest in multifamily?” Just... Read More »

There’s no doubt that improvements in the long term fundamentals for multifamily investments have made them the darlings of commercial real estate.  I was talking yesterday  with a researcher at REIS, one of the nation’s most respected real estate tracking firms.  His company is predicting the  East Portland and Gresham submarkets apartment values to increase by a minimum of 4% a year... Read More »