Commercial Property Tax Relief Is Here!

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Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

The last couple of years have taken a toll on investment properties. With vacancy rates climbing and weakening Cap Rates, some properties have lost 30% or more of their value.  Regrettably, property taxes on commercial properties have not been adjusted to reflect this new value. As such, already strapped owners are paying an even higher percentage of their revenues to property taxes.

The rule I have always given my teams is don’t present me with a problem…unless you also have a solution.  Having identified a problem…here’s a great solution: Prime Property Tax Negotiation, LLC.  Prime PTN was formed to be an advocate for property owners that have been over-taxed. They will evaluate your taxes at no charge to you and fight for a lower assessment on your part.  There are no up-front fees.  Here’s the very best part: There’s no cost to you unless they are successful. 

Contesting assessments that overstate a property’s value is an extremely important component of wealth management.  I worked on a multifamily project in Phoenix, AZ that had an assessment that inflated the assessed value well over what it was really worth. By contesting the assessed value we reduced taxes and created over $150,000 in additional profits in one year.

How much will you benefit? To discuss potential savings call 503.336.6382 and ask for information about Prime Property Tax Negotiation, LLC.


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