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The reason so many companies rely on Acumen Executive Search to fill their key employee positions is that new hires can alter the direction and fortunes of a company dramatically.

THE GOOD: In 2008 Marvel Comics movie division was just about done.  They were on the ropes. They had some modest hits…and some pretty big misses, but they were going nowhere. They secured Robert Downy Jr. for the role of Iron Man…and have since released multiple series of blockbusters. (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and The Avengers). That one change turned them into the envy of the industry.

Rose City Commercial Real Estate likes to highlight people and organizations that are noteworthy. We have no financial interest nor have we received incentives from those we recognize as exceptional.

THE BAD:  Contrast that with Time, Inc.s 2010 executive search that installed Jack Griffin. Although he is not the source of the phrase: “You don’t know Jack!”, his 5 month tenure as CEO suggests that the search team didn’t understand the dynamics present in the organization.  (Or that THEY didn’t know Jack!) His brusque management style did not match the friendlier, warmer approach of his predecessor.  He was noted for making sexist remarks and frequent references to his religion in total contrast to the prevailing company culture.

THE UGLY: When a new hire comes into a key position and demonstrates a lack of understanding of the existing corporate culture, it doesn’t really matter how extensive their skill sets are.  Its forgivable that many companies try to use their HR dept exclusively without seeking collaboration with outside resources.  Its penny-wise and pound foolish…but forgivable.

THE BEAUTIFUL:  The truth is that Acumen Executive Search does a better job.  After 8 years, 92.5% of their placed employees are retained.  That’s beyond incredible.  I believe the secret to their success is they take the extra time to learn about the company, how it operates and what kind of personality is a good fit.  If you want to emulate the success of Marvel Comics…you’ll need a cohesive unit.  Acumen Executive Search can help you put together a winning team!  Contact Suzanne Hanifin at 503.430.0294 or Suzanne@AcumenESearch.com


BE A GENIUS IN 5 YEARS: Now is the time to invest wisely in commercial real estate.  Contact Rick M. Bean at Rose City Commercial Real Estate at 503.577.1034 or rick@rosecitycre.com.

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