Five Reasons You Should Strongly Consider Green Multi-family Investing

Although green real estate (as a strategy) continues to grow in popularity among real estate investors, it is largely concentrated in the single family residential market. However, the single greatest ‘green’ opportunity for investors right now is the multi-family (MFU) market. If you’re interested in growing your real estate portfolio you should strongly consider green multi-family.

Five reasons why you should strongly consider green multi-family

1. Demand is greatly outpacing supply. More prospective apartment renters are demanding green features. Many will pay more for them. However there is a serious lack of supply of green apartment developments in almost all markets in the US. If you green an existing apartment building in 99% of the markets in the US, chances are you’ll have no competition.

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2. Green Multi-family is largely unaffected by economic conditions. When times are tough, people scale down and move into apartments. When times are good, there are still tons of renters who live in apartments (Students, seniors, Echo-Boomers, single professionals, etc). Green multi-family is like your neighborhood bar. In a bad economy people drink to forget/escape; it a good economy they drink to celebrate. Either way, green multi-family are like bars without the drink umbrellas- bullet proof to economic conditions.%0

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