Focusing On Niches To Serve Clients Better

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John Adams and U of O's Mike Bellotti

At their best real estate brokers are true professionals.  50 to 80 hour weeks, always looking for additional  training, and a new way to provide clients better service.  Their quest for excellence often takes them away from their families more than it should…but nobody ever became the best in 40 hours a week.  There are a few that miss the mark…but that’s true in every field.  Working hard isn’t enough though.

A Success Story: John Adams and

A lot of Realtors® could learn from watching my friend, John Adams.  Several years ago John went shopping…and came away disappointed.  He wanted to show his support for his beloved U of O Ducks and protect his trailer hitch…but none of the stores had any product that fit the “bill.”  That told my friend that there was an unfilled need.  John learned all about the trailer hitch cover niche…from manufacturing, to licensing, who the clients might be, packaging and all of the facets of the industry.  He focused his efforts on a very narrow field..trailer hitch covers…and now he is the King of them.  His own proprietary designs have been approved the by collegiate licensing authorities…and as his success has grown, others have offered him their lines for distribution.  (Check it out at

Like John, by focusing on a niche and becoming  highly proficient at it we can maximize our results.  In coming posts I will demonstrate this further by highlighting real estate professionals that have created great success by dominating their niche.  They have leveraged a narrow focus…into great abundance!  Check back for the first in the series:  Short Sales.

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    Great things happen to UO fans! Love the post!

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