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The Deal Room

Why should you sign up for the Deal Room?


  1. Bid on off market deals.  You know…the ones where you hear that someone closed on a great deal and you say:  “Heck…I’d have bought that if I knew it was available at that price!”
  2. The lowest proforma deal IRR currently is 20%.  Others are over 50%!
  3. Current opportunities:
    • Portland, OR deals
    • Phoenix, AZ deals
    • Dallas, TX deals

More cities and more deals are coming soon!

To be notified in advance of off market distressed properties becoming available, contact us to get your free pass to the Deal Room!

Rick M. Bean and Robert H. Poe


As with any investment there is an element of risk.  Purchaser should perform a complete Due Diligence Inspection before closing any deal.  Best of luck to you!


One Response to “Get information on off market deals here!”
  1. Kevin Groh says:

    I’m an investor based in Houston, Texas and would be interested to see what off-market deals you have in Dallas, Phoenix or any other cities in the Southwest and West parts of the country.

    Thank you, Kevin.

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