SolarWorld Group not only reaffirmed their commitment to the Portland area, they’re increasing their investment in a major way.  So reports Brian K. Miller in today’s Globe Street:

 SolarWorld , good news, investment, Rose City Commercial Real Estate, Rick Bean, GreenHILLSBORO, OR-SolarWorld Group said Friday it plans to expand its five-month-old, 480,000-square-foot operation here with a new 210,000-square-foot building. The existing building serves as a production facility for the Germany-based solar panel manufacturer. The new building, slated for completion in November, will be primarily a distribution facility.

“We are fully committed to not only marketing the proven renewable energy of photovoltaic technology in the United States but also manufacturing it here,” Boris Klebensberger, SolarWorld’s chief operating officer and president of SolarWorld Industries America, said in a prepared statement. “This project further demonstrates our resolve.”

This is welcome news to an area that’s 10.9% unemployment rate is almost 2 points higher that the national average. 

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