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If you follow my blog, you know that I’m a strong advocate for training all multifamily employees, and that I hold Grace Hill as the creme d’ la creme in that niche.

Their newest online course, Property Management Financials, is now available!  Grace Hill’s Apartment Management Learning Center, the premier destination for online multifamily education for more than 10 years, has expanded offerings yet again. 

 By completing this highly interactive course, you will learn how to manage your community’s financial performance in order to maximize value and earn a positive return on investment.  Property Management Financials includes engaging exercises and scenarios to reinforce knowledge.  In addition to the thorough course content, Property Management Financials includes numerous downloadable resources to be used as job aids.  You will be empowered to take control of your community’s fiscal fitness, which is more important than ever thanks to today’s challenging market.

Here is what is covered in this 2-hour title:

  • How to earn a favorable return on investment, or ROI, in multifamily real estate management
  • Learn about the two most useful tools for understanding the financial goals for a community: the Budget and the Income Statement
  • How to impact your community’s value by maximizing income and controlling expenses
  • How to use key indicators found on the Income Statement to help monitor your community’s fiscal fitness

Property Management Financials is an Essentials title and included in our Unlimited Training Subscription at no extra charge.  Property Management Financials is also available at the Pay-Per-View price of $79 per student, per course.


Multifamily managers, assistant managers, leasing teams, investors, and multifamily service providers that want to understand facility owner’s perspectives.

Grace Hill can be reached at: (866) 472-2344, or www.gracehill.com.

For quality training think of Grace Hill…for quality investment properties, think of Rose City Commercial Real Estate.  You deserve the best, don’t you?



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