People Would Move To Hell If That’s Where the New Jobs Were

Updated: September 28, 2010

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Portland, OR

Look at current and future job growth as key factors when evaluating a market for multifamily purchases.  To research opportunities I have traveled to  Reno, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Seattle,  and Los Vegas.  Without exception job creation/population growth seemed to be the common fundamentals that told the tale.  It seems that folks would move to hell if they could get a job.

That’s why I’m so strong on Portland.  We’ve seen good job growth on a consistent basis here for years and the promise of the future is for the pattern to continue or accelerate. 

For those that are dour about the current multifamily market…remember that while Cap Rates are decompressing currently, there are many properties that were purchased at the average 8.3 Cap in 2002. They would now  trade at a 6.50 Cap.  Do the math: 8.3 divided by 6.5 equals a 28% increase in value even if NOI only stayed constant.  The truth is that this market enjoyed significant increases over that period and many Portland multifamily investors have huge sums of redeployable equity, and this is the time to act.

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