Miranda Homes Nominated For Sustainability Award

It makes good sense to build green for the sake of the environment, but building green is also a good business decision as well.  Green sells.  Rob Boydstun of Miranda homes has combined a number of existing methods and technologies into a truly remarkable home.  Imagine being able to build a price-competitive home…that is also LEED Platinum?  Or going from dry foundation to having exterior walls, interior walls, siding, and and rafters in place in 72 hours?  Or building the entire structure in 41 work days?

Never one to rest on his laurels, Mr. Boydstun has directed his engineering team to recreate the way multifamily projects are designed and built. 

Contact us if you’re an investor or green enthusiast interested in learning more about Miranda’s revolutionary  multifamily building techniques.  Their methods are going to be utilized in a 40+ unit technology demonstrator project that will be breaking ground on Portland’s East side later this year.  rick@rosecitycre.com or 503.577.1034.

There’s money out there for permanent financing on multifamily projects, but construction funding is harder to come by.  But if we could shave a third or even half off the construction time the bank’s risk would be significantly reduced.  If the final product was more comfortable and greener the bank’s risk would be reduced further.  The Miranda multifamily method advantage is obvious.

Being a fan of both green and multifamily, my nominee forThe Portland Business Journal’s Sustainability Award was easy.  I wrote a letter supporting Miranda Homes’ nomination and sent it to a few hundred Real Estate Brokers and multifamily pros.  Seasoned developer Gordon Jones, not only nominated Miranda Homes, he did it  so passionately and eloquently I have printed it below:

Gordon C. Jones’ Nomination of Miranda Homes for The Portland Business Journal’s Sustainability Award:

Your Name: Miranda Homes
Your Org.: NA
Your Phone: (503) 702-1555

Nominee Org.: Miranda Homes
Nominee Name: Rob Boydstun
Nominee Email: rboydstun@mirandahomes.com
Nominee Phone: (503) 849-7337

Nominee Organization Size: Small

Describe the nominated organization’s demonstrated innovation in overhauling internal operations to reach sustainability goals:
Miranda Homes has reinvented the construction process, bringing technology learned in manufacturing in partnership with Toyota to home building. Starting with the demolition process they recycle everything possible. They take lean construction to a new level, producing less than 1/2 lb. of waste per square foot of construction as compared to 6 to 8 lbs. per sq. ft. for typical construction in the Portland market. They build using steel studs and structurally insulated panels produced in their own plant with Revit(c) based software that results in no waste in manufacturing the components. The steel is from recycled automobiles. The sheeting and exterior foam insulation overlaps adjoining panels so that no seams allow air infiltration. After assembly and installation of MEP the structure is insulated with spray-in soy-based foam insulation. An air exchange system changes the air several times per hour. The sealed crawl space is conditioned to prevent mold and mildew.

What could other companies learn about sustainability from this organization’s operations?
Sustainability is not measured just in the performance of the end product or building, but must be inherent in the entire process. By definition sustainability means the wise and efficient use of resources and thus should result in not only less materials used in construction, but in a more efficient use of time, less waste on the job site and a resulting savings in producing the building. Miranda can build a conventional single family home in less than 2 months, as compared to at least seven months for even efficient builders using conventional methods. Their methods include revolutionary software that take design drawings in Revit(c) and convert them directly to the manufacturing equipment that literally make every structural component for the building, without waste. The panels are loaded on trucks on a first on last off order, clearly labeled, so that upon reaching the job site they are unloaded and assembled with utmost efficiency.

How has innovation in the company’s sustainable operations been incorporated as part of a thriving business?
The culture of Miranda Homes is one that demands innovation, creative thinking and using the skills and resources of every employee to brainstorm each job and model it completely before beginning the manufacturing process. Old methods and construction technologies are rethought and better more efficient methods are employed. By employing their own technology and engineering specialists, they are able to control the entire process from design, engineering, manufacturing, purchasing and assembly. Miranda even buys all building components for their subs, such as electrical, plumbing, mechanical, masonry etc. and then the subs work out of Miranda’s inventoried trucks, so that there is very little waste and no materials end up on other jobs or back at the subs warehouse. Miranda has spent the past three years investing in this technology and developing the software and manufacturing methods. They are now beginning to realize the benefits of that fully vertically integrated model.

-Gordon C. Jones

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