Portland’s Best

Michael Kapnick

Many investment real estate brokers view the market as having limited buyers and sellers, and they never compliment another broker or give ’em a break.  Those holding that viewpoint are sure to be disappointed by this post. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with a real estate professional like Michael Kapnick of Marcus & Millichap.  He’s one of the very best.  We  closed... Read More »

We want, expect, maybe even demand good…but excellence deserves special attention, doesn’t it?  It is the policy of Rose City Commercial Real Estate to celebrate excellence.  I have worked with a number of fantastic property management firms in my career.   Today I want to salute one of them. I like to see an organization do something just because its the right thing to do for their... Read More »

It makes good sense to build green for the sake of the environment, but building green is also a good business decision as well.  Green sells.  Rob Boydstun of Miranda homes has combined a number of existing methods and technologies into a truly remarkable home.  Imagine being able to build a price-competitive home…that is also LEED Platinum?  Or going from dry foundation to having exterior... Read More »

Chinook Construction-Greg and Bill Rose City Commercial Real Estate celebrates the pros at Chinook Construction as worthy of inclusion in this “Best of Portland” column. They offer the best construction bang for the buck value in town. Please understand that I really shop value not price…earlier job completion, substitution of superior materials, reduced hassle, advantageous billing terms, whether... Read More »