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Chinook Construction-Greg and Bill

Rose City Commercial Real Estate celebrates the pros at Chinook Construction as worthy of inclusion in this “Best of Portland” column. They offer the best construction bang for the buck value in town. Please understand that I really shop value not price…earlier job completion, substitution of superior materials, reduced hassle, advantageous billing terms, whether I like people or not…all factor into my vendor decision. Much more than price is involved.

The first time I employed Chinook was on a job that I desired a highly compressed time frame. Chinook’s bid was less than half of the highest of the four bids, and well below the other two. They followed up on their bid promptly and advised me that they could make room in their schedule to start the next day without offending any of their other customers. They clearly defined the scope of work covered, and what my responsibilities were.

Given that their price was so low I had concerns that they might have to cut corners or load me up with change orders in order to make out. Sure they were the most likeable of the four groups I interviewed…but could they also provide quality? Being in a time jam, I decided to give them the contract. I am more than pleased…I am ecstatic about their work.  They completed the job at a lower price…before the more expensive contractors called back to check on their bids.

The steps they took to protect my house while the work was in progress are much appreciated. Each night they cleaned up their area and made sure that the interruption to our lives was minimized. They hauled off refuse so I didn’t have to deal with it. I’ve used them on other projects and have been equally thrilled. They showed my wife and I a better way to accomplish a tile project that was clearly more aesthetically pleasing. It was also more intricate and labor intensive…we agreed and were pleasantly surprised that there no increase in cost. Further into the project they found some hidden water damage causing an expansion of scope that they could have really nailed me on…but they were more than fair.

They say a huge test of a marriage is to build a house together…but if you really want to test the limits…do a remodel while you are still living there. You don’t have choose between saving money, wanting better quality or saving you relationship…just use Chinook Construction.

Call Greg Wike and Bill Derion for a great value at: 503. 332.1272. Tell ‘em Rose City sent you!

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