Whaddya mean: “Don’t work with a broker in this market?!”

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Better than a commercial broker?

Rick Bean: “I don’t want to collect brokerage commisions! “

Call back the lynch mobs…

at least for a moment until I explain.  I believe that the best commercial investment brokers have their client’s best interest in mind…but remember that a broker gets paid for closing deals…whether good for the client or not.  Not every broker would tell their client:  “That’s a bad deal for you and we shouldn’t accept it.”  Some brokers would defend their silence saying they were just giving the client what they wanted…even if they knew the deal was marginal.   What the client wanted was a safe investment that cash flowed and had a good chance of appreciating over the long run.

The solution:  CO-INVESTING

I strongly believe in this market, and that this is a great time to buy.  The best time to buy in a long, long time.  My response to put your money where your mouth isMy goal for the next 9 months is to not get a dime from my deals at closing.  Why?  I’m so certain we’re on the way out and up that I’m willing to leave my fee in the deal and co-invest.  I’ll put my money with yours and we’ll prosper together!  Think your broker got you a good price?  Possibly.  But what would the price and terms have been if his monetary future was impacted to same degree as yours?  (Do you think its just a fluke that agent’s homes sell for 15% above the market?)  If you’re not co-investing with your broker…maybe you should be!

To the naysayers…I might point out that the last indicator of a recovery to arrive is employment.  Layoffs will continue even though economic output is expanding.  It’s unfortunate that the feel good part of recovery, (the part where our friends and neighbors get rehired) is last to arrive.  Statistical data tends to run a few months behind the actual market.  My guess is that we’re already on the way out of this morass.  This is a great time to buy…and those with significant equity may improve their financial fortunes by redeploying their equity now. 

I have some target properties in mind! To get in line to co-invest: 503.577.1034, or rick@rosecitycre.com!


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  1. D. Lindahl says:

    Co-investing is what made me rich!

  2. mssbee says:

    Your my favorite broker.

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