Multifamily Excellence: Princeton Property Management

We want, expect, maybe even demand good…but excellence deserves special attention, doesn’t it?  It is the policy of Rose City Commercial Real Estate to celebrate excellence.  I have worked with a number of fantastic property management firms in my career.   Today I want to salute one of them.

I like to see an organization do something just because its the right thing to do for their clients…not just trying to improve their operational metrics.  Princeton Property

No one associated with this blog is a stakeholder, nor have they received payment from anyone cited for excellence.  Previous posts have celebrated Holly Bray/Love Funding, David Moore/Equity Advantage, John Adams/Logo Products, Montage Restaurant, Chinook Construction, and more.  If you think someone is delivering excellent not just good…let us know and perhaps we’ll celebrate them here.  Contact Rick Bean at: 503.577.1034 or

Management’s aggressive approach to lowering property taxes for it’s client’s properties is an example.  They’ve done a superior job of supporting tax reduction advocacy.  And they have taken the extra effort to be certain that each asset they run is reviewed for possible reductions.  The irony is that most of  Princeton Property Management’s clients won’t even know about the extra effort that Princeton has expended…but that’s why I’m citing Princeton for multifamily management excellence.

Remember that the norm is for management companies to get paid on gross revenue.  While successful property tax reductions pay off handsomely for the owner, the property management firm is not compensated or even acknowledged.  Vice President Liz Zuanich is heading up the effort, but she also  has enlisted and received the support of the entire organization in pursuit of lowering property taxes.  That’s how things ought to be done!

From what I’ve observed, the overused word “excellent” is appropriate when discussing Princeton Property Management.


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