Successful Traits and Actions of Green Real Estate Investors

Successful Traits and Actions of Green Real Estate Investors

by  Jim Simcoe

Green investors all over the US are making money right now. They sell their properties faster, for more money and reduce their expenses through rebates, incentives and discounts.

They all share some common traits that can be learned. Below are four of their common traits and some high value actions for you to take to improve your business.

Contact Rick Bean at 503.577.1034 or if you have an interest in green investing.  We will be working with new equity partners on a proof of concept project.  We will construct 43 apartment units to LEED Platinum standards. Our goal is to do so faster and more affordably than by using conventional construction techniques. 


Didn’t believe in green when they started. Usually very numbers based people who saw green as an opportunity, not an obligation.

Communication – Very good at communicating why they were pursuing green to their teams and prospective customers.

Got their contractors to buy-in. Explained that this process would make them ALL more money.

Sales – Know exactly how much higher they can list their homes and still sell them quickly.


Baby steps – Green one thing on your next deal. No-VOC paint is a good one to start with. Green two things on the next deal, and so on. Soon you’ll be a green real estate investor without even realizing it.

James Bond your business – Find out what your competitors are doing about green. Most are probably doing nothing [this is good news]. Build a competitor matrix a

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