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Investment Basics

I often get asked my opinion on multifamily apartment investment scenarios …and the askers seem to expect there is a single correct answer.  Portland multifamily is clearly the belle of the ball for commercial real estate investments locally.  We’re highly regarded nationally as well. We’re even seeing a growing transition of equities from stocks to real estate.  But within multifamily investing there is a wide variety of approaches investors can take to align their acquisitions with their risk profile, timing, whether they want to focus more on cash... Read More »

What investors look for

While it may be a scary time to be in the stock market these days, that doesn’t mean that all avenues of equity expansion have collapsed.  Commercial real estate in general and apartment, and multifamily investing in particular is a clear alternative to stocks. And like the market you can invest your 401K to try to increase your retirement. Two stock market related articles caught my eye this morning.  One entitled: Investor Uncertainty At 6-Year High: Survey has details of a survey taken by the American Association of Individual Investors.  The percentage of... Read More »

Lower profit killing turnover costs!

Property management professionals know that two profit killers remain: 1. Unmanaged property tax liability. This is an item that needs an annual review by a professional. As an example, exception value in Oregon can only be appealed the first year it appears. No, they don’t identify it…so failure to appeal can cause a permanent increase in taxes.  There are a few exceptional professional property management companies that consider property tax minimization as part of their mandate to run the property.  Many do not! 2. Resident retention…and turnover... Read More »

Anyone who reads my blog assumes that I have a bias for multifamily investment real estate.  I just think they’re the safest niche of commercial real estate…so to assume that would be correct.  But my greatest bias is toward taking considered ACTION.  So many investors miss the best part of the market by aiming, aiming and aiming some more before pulling the trigger. My Dad taught me a valuable lesson when I was a youngster.  He asked me if I had mowed the lawn as asked.  I replied: “No…but I’m thinking about it.”  He said: ... Read More »

Rick M. Bean offers multifamily investment advice

The Coming Rental Housing Wave Protracted Economic Distress in Housing Sector has Created Legions of Renters in New Markets and New Age Groups By Mark Heschmeyer November 2, 2011 While widespread recovery continues to elude the housing sector, the apartment market has become one of the real estate industry’s — and the broader economy’s — best hopes for a return to the good old days, with robust property values attracting keen investor interest. And it has the Great Recession to thank for it. The multifamily market is benefitting from changing... Read More »