The way real estate should work

Two things to get out of the way: 1.) I’m fully aware that being highly complimentary of a competitor runs contrary to the way many prefer to operate in Real Estate. 2.) I’ll get back to our normal focus on commercial and investment Real Estate articles on my next posts.

For high end office leasing…Bill Smith and Monique Clousser of NAI Norris Beggs and Simpson do a hell of a good job…and have much to be proud of. Call: 503.273.0313.

I primarily practice investment real estate with an emphasis on working with cash buyers, but my partner needed help. He needed leave town to work on his out of state real estate assets. At the same time he was racing to lease some high end office space for a boutique CPA firm.  Stone and Associates CPA’s business focuses on high net-worth individuals and small companies…their practice is expanding rapidly and they need to be in new digs and settled well before the end of year busy season.  By the way…Mike Stone, the founder, is both a CPA and an Attorney.  That’s education’s equivalency to a royal flush.  No wonder others are looking for smaller spaces while his needs are growing.

Bill Smith, Vice-President of NAI Norris Beggs & Simpson showed us a nice space in One Centerpointe, a beautiful office in Lake Oswego’s Kruse Woods.  We negotiated a myriad of details, each of us fighting to get the best for our clients, each of us acknowledging disagreements, neither being disagreeable.  Putting this all together hours before the start of the Labor Day weekend raised the bar.  At one point Bill Smith came off his vacation and got his contractor to come off his vacation to put together tenant improvement bids. To get the TI’s fast tracked to meet our move-in deadline, another Norris Beggs & Simpson Vice-President, Monique Clousser closely coordinated the contractors, worked through insurance issues, etc.  While I wont bore you with all the details, I will say that it was a real pleasure to work with true professionals to take care of a great client.  That’s the way Real Estate should work!

Next post:  I double checked it…the IRR was 145%!


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  1. Mike says:

    One Centerpointe has for months been a total nightmare for existing tenants on the third floor due to a poorly managed remodel.

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