Good News!

  The reason so many companies rely on Acumen Executive Search to fill their key employee positions is that new hires can alter the direction and fortunes of a company dramatically. THE GOOD: In 2008 Marvel Comics movie division was just about done.  They were on the ropes. They had some modest hits…and some pretty big misses, but they were going nowhere. They secured Robert Downy Jr.... Read More »

Business Insider recently compiled a list of America’s 10 hottest housing markets for 2014. Portland is one of the nation’s hottest real estate markets because of: Anticipated population growth. Projected strong year over year housing price increases. Low unemployment rate. We belong on the list based on the fundamentals of our local market.  By way of clarification: I believe we are... Read More »

Good Real Estate Investment News

Kent Hoover, The Business Journal‘s Washington Bureau Chief recently made the case for a sustained improvement in multifamily investment profitability.  Maybe that wasn’t his intent, but that’s what the trends he cites will create.  In his most recent article Hoover quotes data from The National Home Builder’s Association Economist David Crow and Wells Fargo’s Housing... Read More »

Optimizing multifamily profitability is a bit art and a bit common sense.  Two areas where underperforming will impact cash flow are: 1. Failure to work renewals proactively, and 2. Poorly managed “Make Ready” costs.  Below is an article by John Wilhoit Jr. with some great pointers on both.  Click on the title to go to his site for additional great articles…he’s the real... Read More »

Next week I’ll be testifying as an expert witness in a property tax appeal case for an 120+ unit multifamily asset in Salem, OR.  Part of my research is to interview the on-site property manager.  I was very impressed with how well she knew her area, the asset she managed, historical vacancy rates, concession rates…she was a pro.  Some people have an innate talent for property management... Read More »