Investment Strategies

PHASE II DUE DILIGENCE: BOOKS AND RECORDS Books and Records, the second phase of Due Diligence is vital.  Fail here and the cash cow you thought you had just might be a profit eating alligator.   Books and Records are the Seller provider documentation of the historic performance of the asset.  These will often include Profit/Loss Statements, Income/Expense Statements, Rent Roll for the most... Read More »

Jerry owns a thriving plumbing business that almost exclusively does commercial work .  His company is well established, his crews are trained.  At 50 Jerry is a dynamo who has so much energy that he fixes up houses after work.  He’s up to 8 rentals now.  They aren’t exactly next door to each other as he’s bought good deals where he could find them.  Jerry takes care of the... Read More »

Investment Basics

I often get asked my opinion on multifamily apartment investment scenarios …and the askers seem to expect there is a single correct answer.  Portland multifamily is clearly the belle of the ball for commercial real estate investments locally.  We’re highly regarded nationally as well. We’re even seeing a growing transition of equities from stocks to real estate.  But within multifamily... Read More »

Next week I’ll be testifying as an expert witness in a property tax appeal case for an 120+ unit multifamily asset in Salem, OR.  Part of my research is to interview the on-site property manager.  I was very impressed with how well she knew her area, the asset she managed, historical vacancy rates, concession rates…she was a pro.  Some people have an innate talent for property management... Read More »

Here are some good reasons why multifamily real estate investment is a good strategy for those seeking conservative investment opportunities. On May 6, 2010 NYSE stock values took a roughly $1,000,000,000,000 (trillion dollar) hit in about 20 minutes. Fortunately we discovered it was only a glitch in the automated trading programming and not a reflection of broader investor sentiment.  Stocks rebounded... Read More »